Peter Paul Buhne
Tony Buono

FDI are members of;

FDI- Fratelli D’Italia

(Brothers of Italy)

FDI is a studio music group comprised primarily by Peter Paul Buhne and Tony Buono, who have been writing and composing original music since 1975.  To date they have five albums to their credit, all exhibiting their extensive musical talent.

FDI worked with renown Italian poet Cristiana Maria Sebastiani to create a fusion between poetry and music. A result being a ten track album entitled ‘Bosco Dell Anima’ (Woods of the Soul). Since the release of this project in 2009, FDI have received numerous write ups both in Australia and Italy, as well as being featured on Teleambiente in a one hour tv special  (TV Network Umbria, Italy). The album was presented at the Italian Institute of Culture Sydney, and received an enormous response.

2009 was a big year for FDI with three of three tracks being featured in the Australian Film ‘Two Fists, One Heart’ produced by David Elfick and directed by Shawn Seet.

Also ‘Egli’ a song written by Peter Paul Buhne and brother Lorenzo Buhne, has been featured in an American comedy series ‘Holt and Randy’ (2009), which received  numerous awards both in America and Europe.

FDI have worked with many talented musicians over the years including The Late Maestro & Pianist Nikolai Sokolov, The Late Giuseppe Buhne, Lorenzo Buhne (ex-member of the American band ‘The Dickies’), The Late Shirley Thomas, Shane O’Farrell,  Tatyana Dunlop, Peter Northcote & Lee Hutchings to name a few.

At present FDI has been working on a special project dedicated to The Late Giuseppe Buhne. It is expected to be launched in 2016. A song from the project has been released on YouTube in anticipation of the project – ‘Senza Di Lei’7

Music Is Our Passion… 

FDI has worked extremely hard over the years to write, sing and compose unique songs of every genre.

FDI is all about creating new original musical concepts, from classical to dance and not limiting themselves. Taking great pleasure and pride in their music and always striving to go beyond their best.

A quick thank you…

In all of the CD productions, there were many people whom helped made it possible in one way or another… you know who you are and FDI sincerely thank you for your support and belief in their music, you will never be forgotten! 

FDI would like to extend their gratitude to Hiwa Motifex of Motifex Audio and Video Productions, Michael Rossi of Groovy Music Publishing and Frank Golino of Megatronix Film Production for their continued support.