In 1995 FDI released their first album ‘Un Attimo In Paradiso’, featuring the voice of Julian Mylor. The album was a compilation of their early work. It has a more laid back, melodic and nostalgic feel to it. FDI and the album were presented to the public for the first time in 1995 at the old Apia Club, in Leichhardt Sydney.

Two years later in 1997 they worked on a special project entitled ‘Merry Christmas from….’ A CD cleverly designed as a gift with incorporated card. Featuring the captivating voice of the late Shirley Thomas, it is a fun and happy Christmas CD to lighten the mood for the holiday season.

Following on from the ‘Merry Christmas from…’ CD, the subsequent project was somewhat gutsier, upbeat and rather controversial. This one crowned with the title ‘Ditemi Voi’ – which in English translates to ‘You tell me?’ It painted the picture of the lengths one has to go through to become recognized in the entertainment industry, the ways of the world today and wanting to buy a ticket back to one’s youth. Focusing on various touchy subjects and posing the hard questions.

In 2005 FDI released a new album entitled ‘Tornare Alle Radici’, (Returning to your roots). This project was arranged and produced by Shane O’Farrell in conjunction with FDI. The album featured ‘The Dickies’ ex-member Lorenzo Buhne on a number of the tracks. It has core themes of love, reminiscence and finding strength.

2009 and ‘Bosco Dell’Anima’ (Woods of the soul) is born, a project in collaboration with the renowned Italian poet Cristiana Maria Sebastiani. What makes this particular project diverse and unique is the way in which FDI have been able to make poems come to life with their music. Some of the finest musicians featured on this project include: the ever so talented Tatyana Dunlop on piano and backup vocals; Shane O’Farrell on guitars, bass and backup vocals; Lee Hutchings on saxophone and flute; Evan Yako and Derek Barg on drums and percussions, just to name a few.

Peter Paul Buhne also spent several months in Italy in 2009 to present the ‘Bosco Dell’Anima’ project to various institutions in the City of Perugia, alongside the poet Cristiana Maria Sebastiani. Since the presentation of ‘Bosco Dell’Anima’ project, FDI have received numerous write ups both in Australia and Italy, as well as being featured on Teleambiente in a one hour TV special (TV Network Umbria, Italy). The album was also presented at the Italian Institute of Culture, Sydney on the 25th March 2010 and received an enormous response.

Following ‘Bosco Dell’Anima’ in 2010 FDI completed a ten track instrumental album ‘Stimulation’. FDI strayed away from their normal repertoire, branching out and producing a complete instrumental album. The project demonstrates the group’s extensive talents. Two of the songs have music videos on You Tube Down and Out’ and ‘Slapdash’

‘Sprofondare Nell’Immenso’ the lastest project which incorporates an array of talented writers, including The Late Giuseppe Buhne, Crisitana Maria Sebastiani, Maria Sgroi & Francesco Castellini. Cristiana Maria Sebastiani lends another poem here and the title of the project itself, comes from one of her poems. Maria Sgroi, FDI’s project manager, also lends her skills with the track ‘La Stagione Della Neve’ to which she transformed the original track ‘Snowflakes On Jess’, from English to Italian. Francesco Castellini, a reputable writer/journalist for ‘Il Giornale Dell’Umbria’, also lends his talents with the track ‘Stella, Mia Stella’. This project has been dedicated to The Late Giuseppe Buhne who sadly passed away on the 15th April 2010.