Tony Buono

In 1958 Tony Buono together with his mother and sister boarded the ocean liner “Australis” bound for Australia to reunite with his father in Sydney who had been scouting a new home for them. Out of South America , Australia was the choice! Tony was six years old at the time.

Tony attended school in Sydney and took music as one of his subjects. His father was also musically inclined and played the piano accordion. When Tony was old enough to handle the weight he began to play the piano accordion too, however he did not find it rhythmic enough. At the age of 13 he bought his first guitar and with a few close friends started jamming together on the weekends.

Tony spent most of the seventies in Ischia Italy where he became involved with a few local bands, however they mainly wanted to play covers and this really didn’t interest Tony. He preferred just jamming as it was more original! He still kept in contact with the music scene on the island and was even asked to participate in an annual music festival which was held in Ischia. His group actually won the festival, however the prize was awarded to a traditional dance group to represent the region in a European contest as a bunch of long haired adolescents was not the image the organisers were looking for.

Around the mid seventies Tony returned to Sydney where he met Peter Paul Buhne. At the time Tony was experimenting with electronic and acoustic sounds with a long time friend and discovered that Peter Paul also had similar music interests.

Tony then returned back to Italy in the late seventies and then made his way through Asia and South East Asia, slowly making his way back to Sydney.

In 1980 Tony and one of his close friends decided to ship two large motorcycles to tour South America. During these trips Tony had his guitar with him and spent a lot of time jamming with the Argentineans and Brazilians. Over the years Tony has used riffs developed/created on these trips.

In the eighties they started recording their our jams on multi track magnetic tape and occasionally Peter Paul would record songs he put together, but it wasn’t until the early nineties , with electronics and sequences then available,  that Peter Paul and Tony finally go together to put down an array of tracks he had been working on over the years.

At the time this suited Tony well as he was basically an instrumentalist and Peter Paul’s lyrics allowed Tony to compose the bed tracks which ever way he wanted. With no restrictions so long as the lyrics worked they developed what they believed to be an original style of music. Around the mid nineties FDI – Fratelli D’Italia was formed as a result of this.