Shane O'Farrell

Musician, Engineer, Arranger, Composer.

Shane is an experienced musician, engineer, arranger, composer and producer, and was born in Sydney Australia and has worked as a professional musician for many years. At last he has fulfilled one of his many dreams upon releasing the collaborative work, with FDI, "Tornare Alle Radici". Especially after recording so many albums for other people-it has been a long time coming.

Shane has worked on many ethnic and Australian projects in his own studio and has experienced many different styles and ways of recording music. Music has always been his life and passion and to him it doesn't matter what style or language it's in, it's all music!

This has certainly been a fascinating project and he has learnt a great deal and is very keen to use that experience in future projects. Quote "I guess it's all about levels,you find yourself working for many years at one level then one day things seem to come together and the experience is very different, I am no longer quite the same person and seek newer challenges and experience, what is that? I guess it's evolution".