Peter Paul Buhne

Singer, Songwriter and Musician

Where it all began...

Paolo spent the first 14 years of his life in Naples where he attended school, played soccer and got up to mischief, just like any other kid.

When Paolo was a teenager, his family decided it was time to venture to new lands. So they set sail on the Galileo, where Paolo and his brother Lorenzo made use of their musical talents by performing to the ship's passengers. The journey to Australia lead them to discover their true musical talents.

When they arrived in Australia it was many years before Paolo decided to put his musical talent to use.

In 1969 Paolo made an appearance on the once famous show "New Faces", and even though it was not a huge success, it did not stop Paolo from doing what he loved.

1979 was a year of poetry for Paolo. He wrote his own poetry and published a book entitled "If I…" It was evident then to Paolo that he had a natural writing talent, so two years later after the birth of his first daughter he put pen to paper yet again and published his second poetry book entitled "Endless Thoughts"

After publishing his poetry, Paolo took upon himself another challenge, song writing, but not only writing lyrics, also composing music. Paolo writes his lyrics in Italian, Neapolitan and English.

Paolo has the rare gift of being able to create a melody in his mind and then find the notes on the guitar or piano to then compose a song. The melodies literally flow from his mind onto his fingers until he finds the matching notes.

Over the last decade Paolo has been the real face of FDI. He has performed at many key locations and events such as the Opera House, Wesley Theatre and most recently performed at the Norton St, Festa.

With over 500 songs in his repertoire, Paolo still to this day continues to write captivating lyrics and endless music.