Maria Sgroi

Maria Sgroi’s musical career began in 1968 at the age of 15 when she formed part of a musical group known as “I protagonisti’. Their first record was produced by the maestro and composer Detto Mariano with RCA Italy.  They stayed in the Italian Hit Parade top ten for three months.

In 1971 the group appeared at the Sanremo song festival however later in 1973 the group decided to go their separate ways. At this point Maria switched from being a lead singer to being a backup singer and part of the chorus for  the maestro Mariano where she featured on many records for some of Italy’s well known artists including Adriano Celentano, Albano, Romina Power and Cocis to name a few.

At that time she also formed an independent production company with established artists such as Franco Battiato, Loredana Berte’, Patty Pravo and many others.

In 1974 she joined forces with Franco Godi and together they worked on the production of jingles with such companies as Coca Cola, Kodak, Oransoda, Saocafe’, Dash, Baci Perugina and so many more. Maria also then become a record producer in her own right with the Italian band ‘I dragons’ which she produced for them an English album, as well as working with other bands.

From 1984 she began to write for television programs for children and by 1989 she started working for Mediaset (canale5, rete4 and italia1) in which she did dubbing of soap operas and cartoons. She also started writing musical lyrics, poems and her own memoirs, yet to be published.

In 2008 she met Peter Paul Buhne and Tony Buono, founding members of FDI (Fratelli d’Italia) and joined forces with them to become their project manager as well as a lyricist and writing articles in Australia for La Fiamma e il Globo in Italian.

In March of 2010 she presented “Bosco Dell’Anima” the latest musical project by FDI at the ‘Italian Institute of Culture Sydney. “Bosco Dell’Anima” is a musical journey through the region of Umbria with the poems of the renowned Italian poetry writer Cristiana Maria Sebastiani.

At present Maria is on her way to Italy preparing a presentation of FDI music with “Bosco Dell’Anima” as well as launching “Stimulation” (instrumental) the latest album, by summer of 2011. Peter Paul Buhne will be meeting up with Maria in summer to promote their music.